Which Edition

Which Edition should I get?

If you typically hunt North American large game (deer, elk, moose, antelope, etc.) the STANDARD EDITION will meet all of your shooting requirements.  Your shots are always less than 500 yards, and the most significant error sources you will encounter are wind and elevation, both addressed in the STANDARD EDITION.

If you are a Varmint or bench rest shooter, you probably want the MARKSMAN EDITION.  Long ranges, scope resolution down to 1/8 MOA and Temperature/Barometric Pressure compensation will provide the added precision required for these shooting objectives.

Tactical shooters should use the MARKSMAN EDITION, and define a First Shot rifle to manage the phenomenon associated with a cold rifle.

Remember, registered users can always UPGRADE from the STANDARD EDITION to the MARKSMAN EDITION for a cost equal to the difference in the current list price of each.