On Target software is a unique system that brings “high tech” tools to the center fire rifle shooter.  It gets the attention of serious target shooters, game hunters as well as those that typically only care which end of the rifle the bullet comes out of! Quite simply, it will eliminate all shooting errors that come from sighting in a rifle.

Many find it fun to use, spending hours experimenting with different rifles and cartridges.

This software will calculate what scope settings will put you dead-on at any range with any cartridge (your own or one of the over 1000 in On Target’s cartridge database) or the maximum error you want and show you the range you can shoot knowing you will never be off more than the error selected.

Since On Target software does not use trajectory tables (it uses a sophisticated model), the user has access to information previously unavailable.  Also, any cartridge can be added to it’s database if the velocity is known at two points!  The ability to accurately calculate the Ballistic Coefficient, based on this data, represents a true technological breakthrough!

This software comes with comprehensive Help documentation, including “How To” tutorials  and is available in two editions, STANDARD (Price $39.95) and MARKSMAN (Price $49.95).    See FEATURES for more details.

System Requirements:  Before installing On Target software, make sure you have the following hardware and software:

 PC with a  Pentium processor.
Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP.
128MB of RAM
A VGA or SVGA display adapter and monitor, with a resolution of at least 640 x 480 x 256 color.  800×600 w/small fonts (or higher w/large fonts) required for MARKSMAN Edition.
CD-R reader.
While not required, a suitable multi-media sound card and speakers will enhance the use of On Target.